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Testing Wet 'n' Wild Beauty

I was super excited when I saw Beauty Bay announce that they were stocking Wet 'n' Wild as I always see such positive feedback online regarding the brand, especially considering how incredibly affordable everything is. Soon as it launched, I picked up a couple of things that I was gagging to try which was the Photo Focus Foundation, a Megaglo highlighting powder compact, Megaglo Liquid Highlighter and a Megalast lip colour. 

Wet 'n' Wild Photo Focus Foundation (Soft Ivory) - £6
Lets start with the foundation shall we? This was the product that I was most excited to try. Everyone seems to have loved it and what is better is that it only retails for £6. I picked up the colour Soft Ivory which is for very light skin and needless to say, the shade was a perfect match. It comes in a glass bottle with a screw top that has a applicator attach so you don't have to get make up all over your hands - I appreciate this however the foundation claims to be flash proof, to be like your skin but only better and is classed as a matte product.... First things first, the instant smell thats whiffs in your face is really chemically. It's not overwhelming but it's not exactly pleasant! This is a water based foundation so it is quite runny and I would recommend if you're applying with a beauty blender like I do then you need to make sure your sponge is damp or it will just absorb all of the product. It applies quite nicely and blends out fine.
Wear test - ok so this is the disappointing part - I just can't get on with this foundation no matter how many times I switch up my routine or try it with a different primer/setting spray. It looks great on my skin for a couple of hours but then as it starts to wear longer and my face starts to become more oily then the foundation really cakes up and creates a lot of texture especially around my chin. I just don't understand how it can last all night like some people say so if anyone has any recommendations on how I can get this foundation to work then please let me know as it would be shame to see it go to waste. 

MegaLast Lip Color (Bare it all) - £3
In contrast to the foundation, I LOVE this lipstick. It is giving me MAC Velvet Teddy vibes at only a fraction of the cost - what more do you need in life? This bullet lipstick has a semi-matte finish although I think it is very matte. It's not drying on your lips and is very comfortable to wear. It literally does feel like a MAC lipstick so I will be stocking up on various other shades, also you can see from my picture as I twisted the lipstick all the way up to show you that despite the fact I've been using it loads, it still has so much product left. I just can't believe how affordable it is! 

MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter (£5) & Highlighter Powder (£3.75) - 
I picked up the shade Halo Gorgeous for the liquid highlighter as it's a pearlescent pink shimmer. First thing I love about the packaging for this is the applicator as it reminds me of the MUR/Shape Tape douffer with it being quite big and easy to apply to the face, again it doesn't require you getting your hands mucky. You only need a small amount of product as little goes a long way so it's easy to blend out. I tend to either use my finger to evenly distribute the product along the high points of my face and then the sponge to properly blend out. One thing I do love about this is that it doesn't look cakey when applied over powder either, it sinks in real nicely and you don't need to layer it with another powder highlighter either but because I do love that glow..I DO!

I also picked up the Highlighter Powder compact in shade Blossom Glow, it says it's a silver shimmer but it seems like it's an exact match the shade of Halo Gorgeous with a pearlescent pink which is perfect for my tone of skin. I love the design of the actual compact, it's really pretty - although it makes me not want to use it haha. This powder feels slightly buttery yet silky at the same time. It applies beautifully and is easily buildable, literally melts onto the skin without creating that cakey texture that some do, especially when applied over the top of the liquid highlighter - you'll be glowing to the gods in this. Really need to get my hands on the other shade as this is one product that I love. 

Despite hating the foundation, I really love the other products. I'm glad I picked up a couple of items rather than just the foundation like I was planning on doing as I think that would've spoilt my opinion on the brand. The more I see the eyeshadow palettes, the more I plan on getting them along with the powder and primer as I've seen good reviews on them too! 

Have you tried this brand yet? If so, what do you think?
Thank you for reading,
Love Chelsea xo

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