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Last Months Favourite Products

I haven't actually uploaded a 'Monthly Favourites' blogpost before because by the time it was the end of the month, I would literally just forget so I made sure I remembered this time and here we are! Quite the mixture we have of products, as you can see, however these are all products that I continuously used and abused throughout September, or they were purchased in September and I've not put them down since...

Boots Lift Daily Boosting Day Moisturising Cream (50ml) - £7.99
I was beginning to seek advice when it came to skincare as my skin routine was pretty much next to nothing and the lovely Kelly (@kellilash on Insta) gave me the tips that I needed. I read somewhere that it was best to not moisturise before your primer otherwise it would cause your make up to split as it was too much on your face, Kelly confirmed that this was some sort of myth and told me to get a I did! This one is fab because it has SPF in it, I feel boujee with the packaging, it's meant to tighten and lift those 'wrinkles' but more importantly, my skin feels super hydrated after use. Also, it's an absolute bargain!

Garnier Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water (200ml) - £1.74
I swear this product is always on sale and now in Boots, it is currently half price! A lot of toners are quite harsh on my skin due to the amount of alcohol thats in them however this is literally what it says on the pack, soothing! My skin doesn't react and it's very gentle, not to mention it also smells amazing. Definitely a bargain to be purchased.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Soft Matte Longer Foundation (Shade 120) - £26
This has got to be my favourite ever foundation!! I think I have found my new holy grail as nothing else seems to compare to this. I love the coverage, the longevity of it and nice it generally makes your skin look. You definitely have to work at one area of the face at a time when applying this as it dries down really quick and you don't want to struggle blended! I love how sleek packaging looks, the fact it has a pump and the shade is a perfect match. I can't stop wearing this #SOS

Rimmel Insta Contour Stick (Medium) - £6.99
I've featured this product on my blog before because of how much I loved it!! I've literally been using this everyday too because it's the perfect flush of colour to add to your face, it blends out REALLY nicely and it's super easy to use. I've never been that big on contour but I like a quick application and this helps my bronzer stay on all day so I don't even up looking washing out for 3pm. I definitely need a new one of these as the contour stick is running out!!!

Seksy Entice Perfume - £33.70 
This is another product that has had a sneaky piccy on my Instagram because I'm just so in love with the smell. It's a fruity, floral fragrance that is one of those smells that reminds you of a certain time throughout summer. It's so gorgeous and I always receive compliments when I wear it. Plus, it's in a beaut glass bottle too and I'm just a sucker for lovely packaging. 

Benefit Gimme Brow - £20.50
At first I didn't really rate this but then I kept using it and now I love it. I love how small the wand is so it's easier to really get in between the brow hairs. The colour is a perfect match and it helps with the longevity of my eyebrow fixer. I just wish it was either a little bit cheaper or you'd get a bigger products as it is a little bit of a sting.

Sanctuary Spa Overnight Miracle Replenish Oil - £19.99
I try to apply this every night and my god my skin feels as smooth as a baby bottom every night. The smell isn't too pleasant but I can live with that as long as it helps keep my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It also gives you the perfect little glow after applying which is great because my skin always looks so tired these days with the late nights I've been having!

Fenty Mini Highlighter - Hu$tla Baby
This was part of the Fenty duo set I recently blogged about.. If you want to check out my full review  then head over to my blog page now but cut the long story short, it's my new fave. The Fenty highlighters are soooooooo long-lasting it's crazy, even when my face is oiling up! This colour is a perfect rose gold shade that is perhaps a little too dark for me however I think it's unnoticeable! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (118ml) - £19.20
This is also currently on sale at the moment and I recommend you buying it!  One of the only setting spray that actually locks your make up into place for a good amount of time! However, I think I need a new bottle already as I literally use this every god damn day!

Well, did you spot any of your faves? I want to try and do a series of these sort of blogposts every month! Thank you for reading, Love Chels xo

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