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Phase Zero x Love Me Beauty Blusher & Bronzer Review

I was absolutely buzzing when I saw that Phase Zero were bringing out face compacts because it's an item that I use EVERYDAY and you can never have too many (in my eyes anyway). If you don't know who Phase Zero are then you'll see that I've done a few reviews on new products that were launched previously and fell in love with their items, especially the foiled shadows.They produce such amazing products for only a fraction of the price and you can buy all their ranges on the Love Me Beauty website (here).

The newest to the range are the blushes and bronzers, I opted for the Sweet Peach shade in blush and Hidden Agenda shade in Bronzer. If you've seen from my many Instagram posts, comments and previously blogposts then you'd prob know that I'm a huge fan of the L'Oreal Paradise Blush in Life's a Peach, the Phase Zero product is pretty identical in terms of shade which is fab as I know it's a tone that really suits my pale flushed out skin. The bronzer is quite warm and is SUPER pigmented so a little goes a long way, these two paired together makes a perfect combo and I've not stopped wearing since I received them. I was worried that the bronzer would appear quite muddy when applied as it's relatively warm but it blended seamlessly especially into the blush. I believe there is just the generic shade bronzer at the moment so can't comment if it's suited for darker skin tones however there are a range of blushes that could probably suit most. 

I adore the sleek black packaging, both are perfect to travel with as the include a clear mirror throughout the whole of the top lid and they're relatively small so easy to just pop in your bag - ideal for me as I'm here there and everywhere at the moment! These are both valued at £7.50 each which is an amazing price for excellent products, pretty similar to the L'Oreal compacts which I know were a great hit - only thing missing from these products is a great scent!

Despite saying that they both work well with my pale skin, I just wanted to briefly show you (no edit) that they look seamless together when I have a tan also (I fake tanned last night). I'm not someone who wears a lot of bronzer because it looks cakey on me otherwise so just a flush of colour is what I prefer on days that I'm just running errands or going to work. These compacts are very buildable so I can easily tone it down or a normal day or contour the shit out of my face when I go out, which will be tomorrow!

*DISCOUNT CODE* I do have a discount code if you would like to make a purchase which is CHELSBAXTER05 for £5 off your first order and although these items were sent to me, which I'm super grateful for, they DO NOT alter my views. 

Let me know if you pick these up? I'm hoping they come out with some highlighters or pressed powders next! Thank you for reading, 
Chelsea xo

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