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Unboxing My Glambox; September Edition & Life Update!

Hi guys,

I know I know, it's been like two weeks since I had done a blogpost and I've really taken a step back on my Instagram. In all honesty, I actually turned my notifications for Insta off because it was a struggle to keep up with it all with work and sorting things out ready for when I relocate. If you didn't already know, I'm making the big move from my hometown Portsmouth to Nottingham to live with my boyfriend. We've finally got a house sorted, just renting for the time being, and now I'm in the process of finding a job. I am really excited tbf especially when it comes to buying new furniture etc however also nervous being away from my loved ones and obviously starting a new chapter in my life. So, if you know of any jobs going in Notts then holla at ya girl cos I need me some moneyyyyy haha or if you live in Notts yourself and fancy a meet then lemme know cos I'll obv be a loner for a bit :)

Sorry for all the boring bits, I thought i'd just give you an update as why I've been kinda missing for the past two weeks and now I have to play a bit of catch up which means the unboxing of the Septembers edition of My Glam Box. It's always good when you forget that you have a sub box coming because then when it arrives it's literally like a present turning up to your door. I'll just pretend that it's not coming out my bank account haha.

The theme of it for September was 'The Autumn Glam Box' which excites me because as you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram - I'm obsessed with everything to do with Autumn. I mean what's not to love about deeper, darker colours and getting cosy with your hot chocolates and chunky knits... omg LOVE! Anyway, so this box is to help you transition into the colder months with some of their products so lets see if we agree shall we?

Celebrity Brow Kit (RRP £35) - I was quite surprised when I received this in the box as I've never heard of the brand before but who isn't obsessed with their brows at the moment? It's an interesting concept though as it comes with stencils, a double ended brush, eyebrow pencil, tweezers, powders and a fixing wax - except my tweezers were no where to be seen which was annoying! I haven't tested this out yet but I'm keen to try as I'm very particular as to what I put on my brows, due to being crap at them so I tend to stick to what I know! I'm quite certain that this isn't a product that I would pay £35 for so it's handy that I've received it in my box.

Inc.redible Cosmetics Highlighter (RRP £10) - Again, very surprised at this item being in the box because for me, this doesn't really fit in the autumnal theme with it being an iridescent white - perhaps it would've been good in a Christmas box to represent snow or something but for the autumn transition? Meh! Despite it in my eyes being a random product in the box, it's actually really nice. This is something that I would wear and I've heard really good things about the brand, they're popular for their nail products too and I believe they also sell the jelly highlighters which I'm dying to try! It's a creamy opalescent colour that you can dab onto your skin, blend over the high points of your face to really enhance your natural contour areas. I've tested this out and it's very long lasting!

Optiat VIP Pamper Kit (RRP £4.50) - Now this is something I'm excited about as this really fits in with the theme. My skin tends to change during the transition from warm weather to cold as like now, I'm starting to break out and my skin looks really fatigue. Hopefully these can help as you get such a good selection in the little box. Apparently this company uses ingredients that are usually discarded and transforms them into natural, vegan skincare. I've never heard of this brand before so it's great that it's in the box for me to try and see if I like them. I can't wait to have a cosy pamper night and be spoilt for choice as to what scrub/mask I shall apply - as you can tell, I'm really happy with this!

Eldora Lashes (RRP £8.50) - It's standard that you have a pair of lashes in the box and Eldora seem to be a brand that they choose often but no complaints as the lashes are so pretty. These are a real fluffy wispy pair which I absolutely LOVE - I personally think these lashes are the best ones I've received as they're more me. Not too dramatic but still looks like you have long, luscious lashes that bring volume to your eyes. Paired with the right glue, they're very long-lasting and with good care they are re-usable. 

Overall - Mixed reviews on this box in terms of fitting in with the theme however, some really good products and a total value of £58 which is amazing considering I only pay £18.99 (P&P included). Some brands here I've never heard of which is good as then I'm trying new things. I personally think this is a box that I will definitely stick with and I'm excited to see what's in the next each month - the theme for October is Trick or Treat....of course with it being halloween so that should be interesting! 

If this box or any of the previous ones that I've posted about interest you then I would definitely recommend in signing up to it over on as it's the UK's first MUA recommended make up and beauty subscription box and if you're obsessed with make up as much as me then you'd definitely appreciate it. I've persuaded some of my friends to join and they love it too!

Thank you for reading and see you over at the next post which is an EXCITING one so keep ya eyes peeled!!
Love Chelsea xo


  1. That is such a big step moving from your hometown! I did the same in May when I moved away from home but I live on my own! You will absolutely love it & I am sure you will soon settle there. It'll be such a fun experience! Love this post! xxxxx

    1. Tell me about it! Ah fingers crossed girly, thank you so much. Hope it all went well with you xxxx