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Proto-Col; Mineral Cosmetics & Natural Skincare - Brand Review

I'm back on the blog after a hectic few weeks moving and what better way to kick it off again with a brand review ay! I was fortunate enough to be sent a bunch of items from Proto-Col who I've recently seen floating about on Instagram. This is a British brand that specialise in mineral cosmetics, collagen skincare and advanced nutritional products to really highlight the natural beauty in life. Shall we delve straight in? 

** These items were gifted to me however that does not alter my opinion but please can I just thank this brand for being so kind and sending me these in the first place**

Miracle Balm 20ml- RRP £14.95 - Kicking off with an essential for these cold months as this lip balm has literally been a life saver since I received it. It's a little pot of magic that I tend to carry around with me as I feel as if it's so nourishing on my poor dry lips right now and the fact it is enriched with plant derived collagen, orange oil, calming beeswax with vitamin E to protect and hydrate makes it a whole lot better. You can definitely smell the hint of orange in it too which is pleasant!

Moisturising Facial Gel 50ml- RRP £9.50 - We are off to a good start here as this is another product I have been loving. You get 50ml of product in a boujee silver container with a screw lid. The product itself is quite interesting as it is a mixture between a gel and a cream, it looks relatively watery however still quite thick...if that makes sense? It is so soothing on the face, my skin instantly feels hydrated after use and the best bit about it is that it leaves no sticky/tacky residue after application. I've been treating this as my nighttime moisturising cream. It also claims to have anti ageing properties including Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, C & E, royal jelly and silk protein which contributes towards your skin feeling luxurious after use. A product I 100% recommend as you need to keep your skin hydrated ready for these colder months.

Miracle Base Primer 30ml - RRP £14.95 - This primer has a silky, gel like texture to it which applies beautifully. My skin instantly feels soft and revitalised ready for my make up application. Switching up my primers proves to be very difficult for me as it doesn't always react well with the foundation I use to apply, one in particular that didn't work and ended up separating with is my Fenty foundation, unsure if it's because it needs to be a water based primer to match however the rest worked fine, that includes my make up revolution conceal & define. The product comes in a luxurious glass bottle with a silver finish and I think it's worth the money as I believe it did contribute towards the longevity of my make up. 

Baked Mineral Colour Corrector - RRP £27.95 - How pretty does this compact look with the lavender  infused with mint green and other pastel colours? I was very intrigued when I first received this as I've never come across a product quite like it before. I'm unsure how it is used though, do you put it on underneath foundation or over it? Hm not much that is said on the internet about application either and I found it didn't do much under my foundation because I'd prefer not to put a liquid over a powder so my use for it is my 'no make up days but I still want to hide how red and blotchy my face is' - you know those ones when you need to run up the shop but your skin hates you? It's a very brightening powder and although it has all these different colours running through it, it's quite good at covering up the redness in my face. Not so much dark circles though like it says but redness is fine. 

Baked Mineral Foundation in Dover - RRP £27.95 - This seems to be the popular item of them all as I've seen a fair few reviews on this one already pretty much all elaborating on what I'm about to say - it's a pale shade which is perfect for me and it's great for setting your normal foundation with! I also love the compact it's in, ideal for popping in your bag for a little touch up as it comes with a mirror inside. It blends seamlessly into the skin and doesn't sink into my pores, which is great.  One downside to this product is the lack of shades that are available as it only comes in three different colours. I do believe it is a little pricey though.... 

Baked Mineral Shimmer in Nude Pink - RRP £27.95 - This compact is quite versatile as it can be used for eyes, lips or cheeks. I find it's great to add a subtle flush of colour to the cheekbones as I like using it as a blush/highlight combined - which means quick and easy application and that is what we like. I also like to pat it on top of a lipstick to give it a lovely lil shimmer and if your lipstick isn't a matte one then this will help mattify it for a longer lasting application. It also features lavender, green tea and rosemary ingredients which are calming anti-oxidants. This shade is perfect for pale peeps like me however they do have a couple of others if you have warmer skin tones. I love the look of the Apricot Swirl one too, that one reminds me of the MAC mineral blushes. 

Overall, I am really enjoying these products. I've not actually indulged in any mineral make up as of yet so this was a great brand to start it off with as I've been recommended these by a few people now. I also love the skincare items that I had received, once I've applied I literally can't stop feeling how soft my face and lips are, not even joking!! I think the skincare items are pretty affordable however I do think the compacts are little too pricey for my normal budget but if you're okay with the price tags then I would definitely recommend. I also love how they have incorporated plenty of natural ingredients to every product to help make our skin that little bit better. 

Have you tried this brand before? If so, what are your fave items? I do want to try the LED Lipglosses next as I think that they are a cool concept and you know I'm a gloss fan. 
Thank you for reading and don't worry, there won't be as much of a long break next time!
Love Chelsea xo 

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