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Black Friday Special; ABH Sultry + Amrezy Highlighter Review

When both of these items first came out, I genuinely thought I didn't need them...until I saw more and more swatches/reviews then they became on my wish list. I didn't actually intend on buying them just yet but I always fall for the Black Friday deals on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website as they literally do the best bargains, I could've got so much but skint times!!

Amrezy x ABH Highlighter - Although this product wasn't reduced in the sale, it was relaunched and considering I missed it the first time round I definitely wasn't going to swerve the opportunity of getting it again! Initially, I was a little worried about purchasing because some gold highlighters are just a tad to dark for my pale skin however this had similarities to Ofra Rodeo Drive in terms of how universal it is and I've seen people with a variety of skin tones wear this beautifully - safe to say, the shade was fine as it has more of a champagne hue which I love. I don't follow Amrezy on Instagram but I know she is a super influencer who 'lives for the glow' and I genuinely think they have created a beautiful collaboration. I love the formula, the sleek packaging and it's a highlighter that actually lasts all day, which is a bonus for me...especially for the price tag because it's not a bloody cheap highlighter thats for sure.

Sultry Palette - As soon as I saw that it was reduced from £46 to £32, I definitely put it in my basket. I was umm'ing and ah'ing for ages then it sold out but it came back in stock still with the reduced price tag so I snatched it straight away as lets be real, it isn't going to reduce like that again! I'll be honest, at first I wasn't that blown away by the shade range as there are similiarities to the Soft Glam palette (which is my absolute favourite and the product I ALWAYS go back to) but lets be real, ABH forever blows it out the bag and it started warming up to me. This is meant to be the cool toned sister of soft glam with the muted browns, grey and silver shades however it's not as cool toned as I had thought because as you can see the first half of the palette (in both rows) are slightly warm, or is that just my eyes? Nethertheless, it's still a gorgeous product and the packaging is AMAZING.
The formulas as always are incredible, they do provide some kickback but if you want pigment then it's expected as it's not like you get a lot of fall out on your face. 

Shades included:
  • Fresh (Matte ivory pink)
  • Pearl (Metallic pearl white with a soft-pink undertone)
  • Steampunk (Metallic topaz bronze)
  • Rose Quartz (Metallic soft peach with a pink shift)
  • Ember (Metallic bronzed khaki)
  • Bloom (Matte coral pink)
  • Birch (Matte mid-tone yellow taupe)
  • Cinder (Metallic cool-tone beige taupe with gold flecks)
  • Twig (Matte mid-tone taupe)
  • Teak (Metallic golden brown)
  • Dystopian (Matte dark ash brown)
  • Cyborg (Metallic silver with a violet undertone)
  • Slate (Matte slate grey)
  • Noir (Matte deep black)

Not a lot of people liked the bold coral/red shade Bloom that's randomly placed in the palette but that was one of the shades that had drawn me to the product in the first place, that and Cyborg however I was a little disappointed by Cyborg because even though in the palette it looks a true foiled silver, it had a slight hint of champagne to it, still a pretty colour though but not as different to the usual that I expected.

The shades blended really nicely however I did have to use a bit of fix plus with Cyborg on the lid and as you can see, the silver has a tint to it but I'm still happy with the outcome. For the above look I used Bloom in the crease, darkened the outer corner with Dystoplan, a little bit of Noir (Which is the best black!!) and Cyborg on the lid.

Did you pick up anything else from the Black Friday sale? I also got two beauty advent calendars which are on my Instagram stories if you want to keep up with the unboxing of each day. I can't believe we are now in December and it's almost Christmas!! How exciting. Thank you for reading and until next time...
Love Chelsea xo

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