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My Peaches & Cream Haul aka My Fave Brand

Well well well, I have been DYING to do another Peaches & Cream haul because they are literally one of my all time favourite brands due to their products, their creativity and how dedicated they are when they throw their pigment launches (if you followed them on Instagram then you' know what I'm on about) so when they participated in the Black Friday deals then I knew it was my time to shiiiine....and my credit card!

The first thing I picked up was part of the new Christmas gift set range called Jingle Dolls (£40). This set comes with six of their craziest pigments in a Russian doll inspired tin. The pigments included are:

  • Mermaze - An iridescent white and teal pigment
  • Rattlesnake - A gold shimmer with a lime shift
  • Watermelon - Pink and mint duochrome
  • She's All That - Pink and gold duochrome
  • Hocus Pocus - A violet with pink reflects
  • Pool Party - Mint with gold duo chrome 

I also picked up two other pigments as I have seen them all over Instagram and have been definitely eye-ing them up, they were:
  • Space Hopper - Neon orange with gold reflects
  • Hollywood - White with Champagne gold duo chrome

Can we just take a minute to appreciate these pigments? How STUNNING!!! I already have a few pigments from their different collections and have done posts previously stating how much I love them. They literally just make any eye look outstanding and they're so easy to apply. They do actually sell a pigment glue/primer however I just pair them with my trusty NYX glitter glue. They keep their shimmeryness (if that's even a word) the whole time they're blessing your lids. 

My faves from this bunch has got to be Mermaze, Rattlesnake, She's all that & Pool Party as they really stand out to me (see above). The sparkle is literally amazing!!

I also picked up one of their lip glosses as I have been dying to try them out for ages, this is in the shade Girl Talk, it's helllla pigmented and not a sticky fomula which is handy. One thing I would say about the gloss though is that it does highlight whether you have chapped lips however if I just ensure I apply lip balm/lip scrubs first then fingers crossed you can't tell. I love the range of nudes they do as you can't have enough of them. 


Overall, I LOVE the products I bought as usual. I definitely need to add more to my current range and also purchase more of those brushes as they're my favourites. Also, all their products are pretty affordable but would be better if they do free shipping ;) 

I attempted to create two different looks as per below just to show a contrast in what you can create with these pigments - one being a regular glam with Mermaze and the other look features She's All That, Pool Party and Hocus Pocus. I applied with a finger at first then used a brush - either all is fine! 

If you check out their website. they are currently doing some amazing gift sets in the Russian dolls or you could do a mix n match with the pigments or products of your own choice! What do you think of these pigments? have you tried any yet? 

Thank you for reading, 
love Chelsea xo


  1. I've never tried this brand before, but I've seen them around! Their products look so good, and I'm in love with the looks you created xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It's such a good brand, I really recommend it! Thank you beaut xx