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My Itsy Bitsy Bargain Haul

I've been trying to not spend a lot of money recently, mainly because I haven't got any (lol) but also because I tend to buy a lot of make up and then it's put into a drawer and I struggle to use it all. I actually saw post on Instagram about watching her make up collection expire and it has really got me thinking to chill out unless it's necessary. Now you make think the above items aren't 'necessary' but for one; they were all cheap as chips and two: I've actually been meaning to get them for a while so....

First items I picked up were these fab eyeliners. I went into Superdrug as I really wanted a bright blue eyeliner as I have a look in mind that I want to use it for and saw the Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eye Pencil in the shade 63 Sea Blue Soon for only £4.99. This is a beautiful blue teal shade which has a lovely creamy formula. The other two pencils I picked up were from Kiko due to seeing Rebecca Capels recommendation on her youtube video. The first colour I picked up was in the shade 10 which is a Metallic Ivy Green and the second shade is in the shade 04 which is a pearly brown - both of these eyeliners come a dual spongy end perfect to buff out the liner and they were £5.99 each. The formula is super creamy yet they're so affordable and a staple for make eye looks! I will definitely be picking up the rest of the colours from the range eventually as they are gorge, slightly metallic and super pigmented. 

Next thing I got which was an absolute bargain is the Primark Metallic Eyeshadow Cream in shade Khaki which was reduced to £1!! Couldn't really refuse that especially as I LOVE the colour!! It will go perfectly with the earthy toned eyeliners I bought. I do love a metallic eye cream shadow as it's so easy to apply with it also being very quick however, the quality isn't AMAZING but I guess what do you expect for £1 eh?

I've not seen this before but I am living for it! If you are an avid user of the Primark priming water which is meant to be a dupe for the smashbox product then I'm sure you'll love this. It smells of pure holiday as it has a coconut scent and leaves the skin slightly tacky ready for your make up application. In terms of longevity, my make up has been lasting a lot longer but I don't know if that's because I've been using different products (which I will do a post about soon) or if it's to do with this spray so I will eventually let you know. I also spray this on my face after my make up just for that added oomph. This again was cheap as it was only £2.50 and you get a lot of product to work with so I know it's going to last me a while.

Last but not least, I got a powder puff! I've been after one for a while ever since I saw Nikkitutorials say you don't need brushes to set your face you need a puff. Ideally I do want a proper fluffy one, you know what one I mean? I can't seem to find one though so this will do. It was only £1 and it's dead soft, grabs the powder easily and well... puffs my face. I use it with my loose powder to just set areas or bake because it's dead quick to do so with this due to the size. 

Well thats the end of my mini haul. Apologies for not posting on here as much, I've felt a little uninspired but I've got loaaads of posts to do and I really want to switch my blog up so I'm going to spend this weekend nurturing my blog back to the standard I want which will motivate me that little bit more, does anyone else get like this? Also, I guess it's hard to come up with blog posts when I'm trying to avoid new releases and save money!! Anyway, thank you for reading and will see you soon.

Love Chelsea xo


  1. Haha that first paragraph is me! That blue liner is actually gorgeous. I NEED to pick that spritz up from Primark asap
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. haha oh how I hate the skint life right now!! Yessss I've been using the primer spray everyday and it's actually really good, get it asap :D