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I know there was a bit of a spoiler in the caption but I just couldn't contain myself! I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer and I picked it up in the shade Swan because, I'm unfortunately, very pale! I'm obsessed with trying out new concealers at the moment because I feel like it is a product that is such a big staple in my make up routine. I use it with or without foundation, if I'm just nipping out and want to hide my bags then I will only touch up with a lil concealer etc etc. 

I've seen so many reviews on this and had been dying to try it but £23 is quite steep in my eyes, especially because I do suffer with dry under eyes and last time I splashed on a concealer (urban decay all nighter), it just separated and was horrible on me so I was sceptical but I used the £5 gift card I received from the Debenhams Advent Calendar and I had £5 on my beauty card from collecting points AND it was 15% off so I only paid £11 - can't really complain with that now can I?!

With this product, you receive 15ml of product which is quite a lot for a concealer and as you can tell by the component itself is relatively large and bulky. It's really sturdy within the packaging and the applicator is like a big douffer, making it super easy to apply. It looks just like a slightly smaller version of the Born This Way foundation and a lot better since they revamped the original concealer as that was only 7ml.

Ok now lets get to the best bit - AMAZING! It says it is medium coverage but I reckon it's pretty full, put it this way... it definitely washes away my sins thats for sure. It says it is a lightweight formula yet it's quite thick meaning a little goes a long way, you really don't need much product which is a bonus because that means it will last longer and you've already got quite a lot of product anyway. The best thing about this product is that although it dries down quite quick and to a powdery finish, it doesn't leave your under-eye looking dry and cakey, which was something I was really worried about!

So above is when I first applied the concealer, bearing in mind I dotted it and blended it a little so it has spread out - just so you can see a little does go a long way
You can really see above how much the concealer has covered my hideous bags under my eyes. This is without any setting powder, just foundation and concealer (bearing in mind I have foundation on both sides but only concealed the left)
I really really love this concealer, I know already that it's going to be a product I repurchase for sure. I am iffy with the price because next time I'll have to no doubt pay full price but if the concealer lasts me a good while then it'll be an investment which I won't feel too bad about. 

Have you tried this concealer? What is your all time favourite?
Love Chelsea xo


  1. I've always wanted to try the Too Faced Born This Way range as I always hear good things! This concealer looks like it has such good coverage. I probably could never justify the price though xx

    Lauren |

    1. I get what you mean, I'm glad I got it at a discounted rate because it is pricey but I do love it! xx

  2. Omg I loveeeee to face make up ! Amazing post


  3. The fact that it worked out to be only £11 when you bought it is absolutely amazing!! That coverage is pretty good!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. omg tell me about it! So glad I got it at that price but I definitely think I will repurchase at the full value when I eventually run out xx

  4. I love this concealer it's so fab and I love how massive the bottle is, mine is lasting forever xx

    1. The size of it almost justifies the price you pay! I usually go through concealers quickly but I think I'll have this for a while and the coverage is insane! xx