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Unboxing My Glossybox; March

Yessss, I'm not so late on the unboxing of my glossy box woo, who's the top blogger now?! On a serious note, this box has been labelled as 'The Empowerment' edition and is inspired by International Women's Day last week. Inside the booklet there is a message from the editor to state that they would like their subscribers to be inspired to chase their dreams and each product in the box was created by innovative and go-getting entrepreneurs, which I personally feel like is an amazing message. 

I was so happy to receive this in the box, it was unexpected as I've never received a body shop item from Glossybox as of yet. Who doesn't love a body shop butter though? They smell amazing and they're super nourishing on the skin. I'm not a fan of coconuts but I do love the scent of them! Also, it may be classed as a deluxe mini but you do get a fair amount of product.

I didn't even know Essence done setting sprays! I've not purchased a lot from this brand before, just the odd item from wilko however there is a lot of hype if you're looking for super affordable products. I'm really excited about trying this as I am all about a matte base so fingers crossed this product delivers!

This product says it's a highlighter but I'd say it's more of a cream blusher due to the rosiness and personally the shade would be too dark for myself to use as a highlighter. It's really subtle and I feel like if you want it to be pigmented then you have to use quite a lot of product, but it blends really nicely and does give you a lovely little flush on the cheeks. I've not heard of this brand before so I'm intrigued!

I am iffy with lip plumpers because 90% of the time, they don't actually work and they just leave you with minty tingly lips but this actually felt really nice and soothing. I can't say it plumped my lips but I would definitely use it as a lip balm. You can feel a little bit of the tingle sensation but it's not overpowering like some. Again, another brand that I've not used before so it's great to discover them. 

So this is a full size, high impact matte liquid lipstick in a muted pink shade. I like this colour, it's really cute so I'm glad I got this one out of the four options. When I first received this, I swatched it on my hand but I kid you not, I could NOT get it off me!! It took scrubbing with a nail scrubber thing to get it off my hand, it just did not budge so I know this is going to be long lasting. I get really nervous with matte liquid lipsticks as I do get dry lips so most of them aren't comfortable especially if they are full coverage and thick so we will see!

Overall, I think Glossybox has really delivered again. My favourite product from the box has to be the body shop coconut body butter and the matte setting spray as I actually needed a new one. The total of this box comes to £53.30 which is an amazing value considering the box costs me £12 all in all. I'm glad I continued my subscription with Glossybox and I hope that they continue to smash it every month.

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Love Chelsea xo

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