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Beautonomy Collab Part 2 Featuring a GIVEWAY!

Yay, I was lucky enough to have the chance to create more customisable palettes because if you saw my previous post based on Beautonomy (here) then you'd know I was really pleased with how they had turned out. Last time the palettes were quite colourful, bright and bold which is out of a lot of peoples comfort zones (including my own) however this time round I wanted to do something a little different...

I was super impressed with the glitters from the last collar so I thought I would include a palette with some really gorgeous shades as well as try out some of their face pans. We have a blush, a light-medium bronzer (must warn you that it is quite fair) and a light champagne highlighter alongside four glitter shadows. The reason why I was so in awe over the glitter shadows is that you don't even need a base to make them pop or to stick. They're not super chunky yet they are still very glittery and personally think the formula is amazing, much better than the glitter I had in my Huda palettes yet thats double the price! The face pans are perfect shades for me and they blend so well. If the shades aren't for you then you can always customise to your taste. One thing I will say though is there isn't a HUGE range of shades you can choose from as they are quite generic which is a shame but I guess as the brand grows then hopefully they will include a variety as you know there a bunch of skin tones out there. Also, the highlight isn't very blinding so just be warned, it's VERY subtle which is what I would change. 

This is the new BACK TO BASICS palette. I really wanted to include more neutrals and brown tones because you know, who doesn't love a brown shadow? We have a mixture of formulas here including mattes, shimmers and a duo chrome (Ca Phe) so don't be fooled by the range of colours as there is a lot to create here. One thing I am impressed by is the pigment (which you can see by the swatches below) because my god, these are pigmented but not hard to blend at all, in fact each of the mattes are very smooth and soft. The shimmer shadows are a bit chunky but because they are so pigmented, I don't mind! Also, the 'Brown' and 'Dark Brown' shadows can also be used for your eyebrows which works really well too. I really love this palette and I hope you do too. 

If you have got down to this far then you're in for a treat because I am hosting a giveaway on my Instagram (@chelsbaxter_tsg) where you can win the Back To Basics palette - don't worry it's not the one I had swatches as I ordered two. All you have to do is:

1. Follow me and @beautonomyofficial
2. Like this and my last three posts on Insta
3. Tag a friend in the comments 

and that is it! Giveaway ends on the 24th April and I'll announce the winner on my stories in the evening. I'll also include a few extra goodies in there too as a surprise because you know, I love a surprise myself haha. 

Good luck (if you enter) and thank you for reading. If you liked my palettes then I have linked them in the titles which will bring you to my shop so you can purchase yourself any of the palettes I have created. Also, if you want to customise your own then I would definitely recommend their website because they have just released new shades too ready for the spring and they are gorge. Let me know below if you do create any as I'd love to see what you come up with.

Love Chelsea xo

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