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SMILE BRILLIANT Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Now, who doesn't love pearly white teeth?! I sure do and I have felt recently that my teeth have started to really discolour so I jumped at the chance of being able to review Smile Brilliant as I have seen nothing but good feedback from them. 

I have put together a whole video on Youtube explaining the process step by step from the minute I received the pastes and creating the moulds of my teeth for the trays to when I received the second package and my first application of the teeth whitening gel...

Receiving My Trays

After sending back my moulds, my trays did take a few weeks for it to come back but that is mainly because I am an international customer and they quote 10-14 days however they did eventually arrive safe and sound. The package that I received retails for $149 dollars from the Smile Brilliant website. It contained four syringes of the teeth whitening gel and four of the desensitising gels, both syringes have approx 3-4 applications in them however I made them last 5-6 applications purely because when you apply the gels into the trays, you only need to add a thin line around the base and because I only have a small mouth, it literally lasted me ages! 

You are advised to whiten your teeth for approx 45 mins to 3 hours, I opted for an hour or a little over each time so I would get in my Jim jams, stick on love island (because lets admit, I'm in the UK and of course I'm going to watch it) and start the application process. Before putting the trays into your mouth, you must brush your teeth with WATER ONLY to ensure they are clean and then you are good to put the trays in. Do not overdo with the gel or they will overflow onto your gums and that will potentially whiten them too. 

Once you have finished with the teeth whitening gel, brush your teeth with toothpaste, rinse out the trays and then use the desensitising gel for approx 20 mins. I preferred to do all this before bed purely because I wouldn't be eating or drinking for hours on end and you're left with the residue from the desensitising gel overnight to help work its magic on your teeth and repair some of the nutrients and enamel back as this product literally is just stripping back the enamel to lift all of the stains from your teeth and restore your teeth to it's natural shade. 

I used the product for a total of 13 applications so far, I still have a week left, but I am really impressed with the results. My teeth weren't OVERLY yellow before because I do look after my teeth and I'm not an avid tea/coffee drinker or a smoker etc however my teeth along the side were really starting to turn yellow and were just generally DULL but being someone who is heavenly involved on social media, it was actually really getting to me. Especially now a lot of people online are forever getting blinding white veneers, which is something I DEFINITELY can't afford, this is a godsend to be able to get professional results in the comfort of your own home. I mean the whole process was dead professional and you really get your moneys worth! I have still got another week left as previously mentioned so I am looking forward to the final result.

One thing I would say about this product is that it's quite strong, my teeth have never been sensitive before but after a week of solid use (as it is a daily product over a period of time), I ate some ice cream and felt a sharp pain in my gums. I spoke to a lady in the Smile Brilliant team and she confirmed it is absolutely normal, to take a few days off and just use the desensitising gel on it's own; which I did and my teeth/gums felt fine again. I think there is an option to choose if you do have sensitive teeth so the whitening kit can still accommodate for you, don't worry!

Smile Brilliant are generous enough to be hosting a giveaway so you can win your very own teeth whitening kit, all you have to do is enter via this link: and they will announce the winner as soon as they have received twenty five entries so go go go....

ALSO, if you are unfortunately not a winner then I have also got a 15% off discount code - thatskintgal15

If you have any questions regarding the process that either this blogpost or my video doesn't cover then please do let me know and I'd be happy to help! Or if you visit Smile Brilliants website (here), it does include a lot of the FAQ so you can learn everything you need to know about this product.

Let me know if you have tried this brand before and what are your favourite teeth whitening products in the comments below, but until then...thank you for reading.

Love Chels xo

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