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MAC Shiny Pretty Things Party Favours Mini Lipsticks (Nude)

Yay to my first 'Holiday Collection' purchase! How quick is the build up to Christmas going, I mean there is so much I need to buy for people and decor etc but here I am, just planning on what holiday sets I can buy instead hehe. I don't know about you but the past few years, I have LOVED the MAC Holiday releases. Everything is on my Wishlist however due to being skint, I literally had to limit it down and I went into MAC actually looking to see if they still had the Jamie Genevieve nude lipstick in stock because I couldn't get my hands on it, then I saw this cute little set and thought why not buy four nude lippies instead of one for just a small amount extra? 

They had two of these miniature lipstick sets, one was in nude (the one I purchased) and the other was more pink toned which I don't suit. I was also tempted in buying the gloss set, pigments and the new holiday highlighters - one of them had a similar shift to the Topshop Chameleon compact that I have already although I am still tempted because the design of it is so pretty. This package comes with four smaller lipsticks, each at 1.8g and for all four is £25 whereas a full sized product is at 3g for approx £16 RRP.

Comparison of one of the mini's to a regular full sized lipstick


  • Fam Only - Midtone rosey nude (Amplified)
  • Hark! - Creamy beigey nude (Cremesheen)
  • Half-Caff - Cool brown nude (Satin)
  • Nutmegged - Warm midtoned nude (Matte)

My favourite shade is Hark! as it literally is the perfect subtle nude with a slight glossy finish due to the texture, this would be my everyday wearing lipstick however I love the shade Nutmegged. Fam Only has more of a red undertone which isn't something that I tend to lean towards but it's a really nice girly shade perfect for this season. I love the fact that each formula is different however they are all still very comfortable to wear on the lips and doesn't dry them out, part of the reason why I could never forget about a good old MAC lipstick as I do think they are simply the best!

Have you bought any of the MAC holiday sets yet? If not, what ones do you have your eye on? One thing I love about this time of year is seeing all the new releases, just gets me even more excited for Christmas! Well, thank you for reading again and until next time....
Chelsea xo


  1. In your opinion what is the best dupe for Hark?

    1. Hey babe, I don't know an exact dupe however in my option, the Maybelline Sensational bullet lipsticks definitely have a similar formula and they do a nude shade in that xx

  2. Best dupe for fam only please? Its one of the best shades of mac IMO but unfortunately they don't have the full size of it. :(